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The Interprofessional Council of Cocoa and Coffee (CICC) is a result of the ordinance n°91/007 of June 12, 1991, on the restructuring of the cocoa and coffee sectors.
A non-profit association under private law with missions of general interest, the CICC brings together the Professional Organizations of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry and Services of the cocoa and coffee sectors.
The CICC is an association for action, representation, coordination, liaison and information. Its roadmap is broken down into medium and long-term structuring programs.
The General Assembly of the CICC is made up of 60 delegates from 4 colleges, each of which corresponds to a professional category active in the sectors: the College of Producers' Organizations (24 delegates), the College of Buyers', Processors' and Packers' Organizations (6 delegates), the College of Professional Exporters' Organizations (24 delegates), and finally the College of Professional Processors' Organizations (6 delegates);
The other bodies of the CICC are the Executive Council, the Permanent Committee, and the Ethics Committee. The Executive Secretariat, which implements the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Executive Council.
The resources of the CICC are essentially constituted by the contributions of its members, in the form of a royalty collected on the export of cocoa and coffee.


In a rapidly changing environment and in the face of an increasingly demanding market, research, innovation, sustainable employment, product quality and the market are the values that motivate the operators of the Cocoa and Coffee Interprofession.
A place for meetings, exchanges, sharing and reflection, the Interprofession is a chance and an opportunity for its members.
In order to respond to the challenges facing the industry, the Interprofession has broken down its motto: 'Anticipation - Innovation - Action' into nine (09) programs, which constitute the basis of its priorities and provide it with a common thread in the deployment of its activities and in its intervention decisions.
From (1) cleaning up internal marketing to (2) Cacao d'Excellence, through (3) rejuvenating the production force, (4) good agricultural practices, (5) studying the impact of the climate on production, (6) local processing. (7) access of operators to financing, (8) promotion of the sectors and (9) the emergency plan for targeted revival of coffee growing, all strategic approaches which, if effectively implemented, will provide clear comparative advantages to Cameroon's cocoa and coffee, with the corollary of a fair price for the producer.

Professionalization of operators

Prog. 1
Identification of
Better knowledge of the producer, his environment and activities, his farms and their location.
The professional card contains all the professional information needed to assess the producer's activity.
The identification of producers is the starting point for traceability and the entry ticket to professionalization.
The identification of producers results in improved marketing of products, easier access to credit and various forms of support, the availability of reliable statistical data, etc.
Prog. 2
of Capacities
Making the producer an agricultural entrepreneur requires a permanent upgrade.
Different training modules are designed and delivered to help him ensure the profitability of his activity and to face his three daily challenges:
1- Implementing Good Agricultural Practices
2- Observing good business practices.
3- Mastering the management of his farm
Prog. 3
Marketing Organization
Encourage more membership in cooperatives, and better structure producer organizations at the grassroots level, in order to guarantee proper marketing.
Organize, monitor and optimize marketing operations.
Ensure easier collection of statistics, and better traceability in the marketing circuit.
All things that contribute to the professionalization of cocoa and coffee industry actors.

Valuation of the sectors

Prog. 4
of Excellence
Substantially raise the quality and position Cameroon as a reference Origin for the size, color, butter content and intrinsic organoleptic qualities of its cocoa beans.
The CICC promotes the production of superior quality cocoa in post-harvest processing Centers of Excellence managed by young people from the
New Generation Program.
The ultimate goal is to produce cocoa that is sufficiently remunerative for the producer
Prog. 5
of Excellence
Enhance the intrinsic qualities of Cameroonian coffee through Good Agricultural Practices and demanding post-harvest processes.
Increase the competitiveness of the coffee sector through a substantial improvement in quality with a consequent increase in the producer's income.
The establishment of washing stations for both Arabica and Robusta coffee contributes to the production of an exceptional coffee: Cameroon's coffee of excellence
Prog. 6
Promotion of
Promote local processing and consumption.
Celebrate the contribution of operators, especially producers, both to the influence of the cocoa and coffee sectors and to the development of the Cameroonian economy.
Stimulate investment and vocations among young people and women.
The promotional actions initiated by
CICC aim to position Cameroon Origin as an exceptional terroir for its cocoa and coffee.

Sustainability of supply chains

Prog. 7
New Generation
(men and women)
Promote the professional insertion of young people (men and women) in the cocoa and coffee culture through training, provision of inputs and referents, coaching and sponsorship for networking with the market.
A personalized follow-up of three years accompanies the young people to make them real entrepreneurs of cocoa and coffee.
New Generation is the rejuvenation of the production force. The producer of tomorrow is a young, seasoned professional.
Prog. 8
The Rural Woman
en (2)-modified
Created in order to empower them by providing a permanent solution to the precariousness of the village mothers, the 'Rural Woman' program facilitates the creation of one (01) hectare of cocoa or coffee trees to ensure a stable income.
Prog. 9
Targeted Coffee Boost
To significantly and sustainably increase the quantity and quality of Arabica and Robusta coffees in Cameroon through capacity building of producers, production of quality plant material, rehabilitation of the orchard through its densification, and support in equipment.
Prog. 10
Observatory of
Climate Change
The evidence of climate change requires the early development of forecasting and action models.
With the technical support of experts, the CICC deploys in the production basins, a monitoring system that collects meteorological and biological data in order to develop and refine adaptation strategies, with the aim of minimizing the impact of climate disruptions on the productivity of cocoa and coffee

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